Could A FREE 5 Day Challenge Really Give You An Extra 2 Hours Every Day? 
So You Can Grow Your Young Living Business
Hi, I'm Brittany Lynne!
After building a team of 10,000+ amazing, oil-loving, world-changing babes, I learned there’s one thing we all wish we had more of …

One thing that would give us the ability to work on our businesses, still be good mommies (and wives) and not have to work around the clock. 

This one thing is actually the most precious and often least protected area of our lives. 

What is this one thing? 
Our time. 

When we don’t manage our time properly, we can feel overwhelmed, constantly busy and like we just wish things would “slow down.”

That’s no way to live a life. 

And it’s the entire reason why I created this FREE challenge. To put you back in control of your time and allow you to achieve the big goals you have for your life.

PS: My team told me I should be charging $200 for this challenge. I said nope! I wanted this to be free and help as many people as possible
So join me in this free challenge
and over the next 5 days, we’ll: 
  •  REMOVE  toxic time suckers
  •  IDENTIFY  your core values
  •  SCHEDULE your day around what matters
  •  And EXPLODE your business and life
  •  REMOVE  toxic time suckers
  •  IDENTIFY  your core values
  •  SCHEDULE your life around your values
  •  And EXPLODE your business and life
Or RISE for short. 

Now, if all that sounds like hype, I get it. 

I used to roll my eyes 🙄 when I’d hear promises like that.

Like you, I’ve paid thousands of dollars for courses, books and coaching that delivered nothing but “fluff” …

Content where I walked away inspired but had no idea how to apply it to my life 🤔. 
But this challenge is different.
And it’s all free! 

Are you ready to get an extra 2 hours a day?

Time you can use to build your business, take control of your calendar and live life on your terms?

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About Brittany’s Inspirational, Actionable, Rut-busting, Business-boosting, and Life-changing Work
As someone who's reached the highest paid rank in young living, i mean this when i say she is a THOUGHT LEADER FOR THE NEXT GENERATION. her energy is infectious and I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE WHAT SHE HAS UP HER SLEEVE NEXT.
Jill Young
Royal Crown Diamond
This program is not only valuable, but it’s so needed. By far one of the best tools to help better my mindset and grow in business and life!
Hannah Crews
Britt is literally one of, if not THE hardest working woman I know. This little leading lady is 110% the EMBODIMENT of a fearless Young Living leader.
Chelsea Young
Crown Diamond